It was a huge decision to focus on coaching women in business, who don’t have children.

I knew I was opening myself up to a world of criticism. That’d I attract the trolls & people who didn’t ‘get’ it – I’d run the risk of offending parents or get called out for daring to stand for what I believe in.

But the truth is that – as a woman in business – when you don’t have kids, it IS different. Not better, or worse. Just different.

If you’re a mother, it’s natural that a huge part of your life is focused on raising happy, healthy children. You have different priorities and different demands on your time, your energy and your resources.

I used to be in so many business groups & I’d get SO fed up with the talk about juggling clients with the school run. The stress of keeping things going while the kids are off school for summer. The pressure when your child gets sick & all your appointments need to be rescheduled.

I sympathised, of course – but I just couldn’t relate.

Because when you’re a woman in business without kids:

  • The time you have available to build your business isn’t limited by the commitments of raising a family.
  • Your mindset & priorities are solely focused on what YOU want.
  • Your freedom to travel isn’t limited to school holidays (or risk the fines).
  • All your energy goes into creating your business & the life you want.
  • Your ability (and desire) to take risks is different.
  • Your focus is solely on creating the life of YOUR dreams.
  • How and where you spend & save your money is different.
  • The legacy you want to leave is different.

Call me selfish – but it’s true. I’m creating huge financial abundance. I’m creating true freedom – living my life on my terms, doing exactly what I want to do & when I want to do it.

I’m not saying you can’t have these things if you ARE a mother, of course – just that the experience & challenges are very different along the way, when you’ve only got yourself (and perhaps your partner) to think about.

And I KNOW there’s lots of us women out there, without kids, in the same boat.

When I couldn’t find a community of other child-free women in business to join, I started one. You can join us here – The Non-Mum Business Network.


My own business journey has not been easy.

When I started my first business at 25 – an ecommerce website, selling wedding stationery – my family & friends couldn’t comprehend my huge ambition. I did my best to fend off their ‘you have a good job, you should be happy & settle down’ proclamations and chose to be ME instead.

In 2009, I lost it all. It was just after the housing crash & my relationship broke down. I lost my home, car and business in one single, dreadful day.

It was true rock bottom. And it took me a while to pick myself back up. But I DID. I wasn’t willing to let go of my dreams of financial success & freedom in my life just yet. So I started all over again.

From wedding stationery, I went to wedding jewellery & my own boutique in a gorgeous converted chapel. I had a wedding blog and even owned my own wedding venue.

I built the wedding venue into a thriving high-6-figure turnover business, which was amazing. BUT I still didn’t have the true time freedom I craved. Without children to think about, I could (and did) work 90 hours a week. But it was the loneliest time of my life.  

With such huge responsibility & little support, my health soon suffered. And eventually, I made the difficult decision to sell the business.

And my quest for the perfect lifestyle began all over again.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned SO much about business and the mindset you need to succeed. After growing four very successful (and different) businesses, I now coach other women in business without children to succeed, too.

Most importantly – I want to help women BELIEVE in themselves. I help you find your ‘purpose’ and chase your dreams. I help you create the financial abundance & freedom you truly want and deserve. I KNOW how to create a business and life that lights you up & deeply fulfils you, from the inside out!

So if you’re just starting out or need support to take your business to the next level – I’d love to help. Just click the button below now & let’s talk about the money, freedom & success YOU really want!