Mindset is such a huge part of business.

There is a quote that says 80% of businesses is mindset and 20% is strategy. And I believe that if you don’t have the right mindset, it’s going to negatively impact all areas of your business. It’s important that constantly work on our mindset and also that we look after our mental health.

I think that there are 2 major areas that affect our business mindset. Limiting beliefs and money mindset.

We all tend to have some limiting beliefs. They normally come from what influential people say to you as your growing up. So, parents, grandparents, teachers etc. These are some of the most common limiting beliefs I hear.

There are already loads of people doing what I do so I’ll never make it. If everyone thought this there wouldn’t be any hairdressers, law firms, hotel chains or any other industry. All niches are crowded. What you have to remember is that you are offering something different, because none of those competitors have you. You are unique in your experiences so will always have a different way of doing and saying things. You are perfect for your ideal client.

I’m not good enough. Just because someone has more followers than you or are making more money than you, have been doing it a little bit longer, it doesn’t mean they are better than you. Everyone is on their own path. We start our businesses at different times, and we all have different struggles. Don’t focus on others, leverage the experience you have and build your business your way. Show up, do the work and your business will grow.

Imposter syndrome. Do you ever think why should they listen to me? I’m not an expert. This is imposter syndrome. We think that we can’t help people unless we are the top expert in our industry. But the truth is, we can help anyone that we are one or two steps ahead of. If we have been through it and found something that works, then we can help others find the solution and get the results without all the problems.

What if I fail? But what if you don’t? What if you’re a HUGE success? I don’t really believe in failure. I don’t think that you can fail unless you give up. You either learn from your mistakes or you succeed. If something isn’t working in your business, you tweak it and keep evolving until you find what works.

Everyone has a money story which effects their money mindset. We all grew up hearing different positive and negative messages about money.

Some of the most common negative things we were told about money are:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • You don’t get something for nothing
  • Rich people are greedy
  • Money goes to money
  • Filthy rich
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Money is the route of all evil
  • Money doesn’t buy you happiness
  • You have to work hard for your money
  • Rich people don’t look like me

If you grew up hearing phrases like this, you’re not going to think of money positively. You need to reprogram the way you automatically think about money.  

There are a few things that you can do to overcome your negative money mindset and limiting beliefs.

The first is to write down any negative thoughts that come into your mind. You can use a notebook or an app on your phone, whatever you have at hand. Once you’ve written the negative down, write the opposite next to it. So, for ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ I have written next to it – ‘Money is made from paper, paper is made from trees, so money does grow on trees’.

Every time you have a negative thought about money or a limiting belief pops into your head, write it down and then write down a positive. Look at the list as often as you need to, to start changing your automatic thinking.

My second tip is to read. I think reading is one of the biggest things that impacted my mindset. I’m trying to read one book a week at the moment and I always make sure they have a positive message. If you don’t like to read, you could try Audible instead and listen to the books.

My favourite books that have helped with money mindset and limiting beliefs are:

  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways – By Susan Jeffers
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
  • Get Rich Lucky Bitch and Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield Thomas

My last tip is to keep a list of all the positive things in your life. Every little thing that you’re grateful for, write it down in a notebook or on an app on your phone. This can be the simplest things like having somewhere safe to sleep, having food to eat, having a nice car or holidays. Every time you think of something, add it to the list. Then on days when you’re feeling a bit down or demotivated, read through the list of all the wonderful things you have in your life. Remember a time that you would have killed to be where you are now and realise all the wonderful things money has done for you and how these positive things disprove all of those limiting beliefs.

If there is something specific in your business that you really want to work on, but you find that you’re holding yourself back and need help, contact me to see how I can help you move forward.